Depressed Woman (1)

Feeling Down: When Sadness Takes Over

Everyone feels sad or down sometimes, and that is okay. Usually, these feelings go away after a little while. But for some people, a feeling of sadness can stick around for a long time and make it hard to enjoy life. This is called depression, and it is not just about feeling sad or upset. Depression is an illness that can make you feel helpless, hopeless, and exhausted.

When someone has depression, they might:

  • Feel sad or down most of the time
  • Feel like they’re not good enough or that everything is their fault
  • Have trouble focusing or enjoying things they usually love
  • Sleep too much or not enough
  • Feel tired and have no energy
  • Have aches and pains that do not go away
  • Stay away from friends and family
  • Have trouble doing things at school or work
  • Not feel like eating or eat too much
  • Think about hurting themselves or that life is not worth living

It is important to remember that people with depression cannot just “cheer up” or “get over it.” They need help and support to feel better.

If you have felt four or more of these things, almost every day, for more than two weeks, it is time to talk to someone who can help. We at Viam Tuam, are specialised in helping kids and teens to find ways to manage your feelings and start enjoying life again.

Remember, if you are feeling down, you are not alone, and it is not your fault. With the right help and support, you can feel better and enjoy life to the fullest!